Where the experts holiday: Ruth and Tony Daly, Founders of Ranch Rider

uth and Tony Daly are both passionate riders, the husband and wife team running tour operator Ranch Rider – one of the very few remaining independent specialist horseback holiday companies.  They give their take on their favourite holidays from American ranch stays to Caribbean cruises…


What do you like to do on holiday?
Being keen riders, we both love to spend a good few weeks in the saddle every year. There’s nothing like experiencing the destinations we offer first-hand as we can keep our travel advice up to date, and as we’re always adding to our collection, there’s always somewhere new and exciting to go.  On our last riding holiday, we spent time visiting three properties in Arizona, including the White Stallion Guest Ranch, the Tombstone Ranch and the Rancho de la Osa  the latter, one of the most historic ranches in the Grand Canyon state, its building dating back to the 1700s.
Aside from herding cattle, tracking the Big Five on horseback is up there as one of our all-time favourite riding experiences. Encountering large herds of elephant and galloping alongside zebra and giraffe in Botswana was truly exhilarating. Your heart beats faster and you feel this overwhelming connection to your surroundings and the wilds of Africa.

Where did you last go?
Our last holiday was a world away from horses, but we were still states bound as we love the country and the people.
Last December we spent a few nights in Austin, Texas followed by a Caribbean cruise (cruising is our second love) over Christmas and finished with a few nights in New Orleans. You need a few weeks to do a trip like that, but we like to cram in as many experiences as we can.


Do you know where you’re going this year?
This year we’re going to be spending five nights in Memphis and Nashville  primarily to get an inside track on the music scene and to research the area. After which we’ll be enjoying a relaxing cruise over Christmas before heading down to Central America and finally rounding off our trip in San Francisco. We love discovering new destinations, so we’re very much looking forward to the trip.

Of all the places you’ve been to, which was your favourite and why?
Ruth: Cantering alongside giraffe in Botswana and tracking the Big Five on horseback are two unforgettable honeymoon experiences, that will always stay firmly imprinted on my mind. We also enjoyed luxury dining in the bush, and a true “out of Africa” experience, our tent looking right out onto the watery channels of the Okavango Delta.  The tents were beautifully furnished like a five-star hotel and there was even a swimming pool on site. Just heavenly for a horse fanatic like me who doesn’t want to give up on her creature comforts.

Tony: I have three favourite riding holidays (is that allowed?) because it really depends on how adventurous I’m feeling.  If I’m considering a working ranch holiday, the Klondike Ranch in Wyoming is always my choice. It’s a small family run operation and an authentic western cowboy ranch with the chance to camp out on the range. If it’s a holiday where we want to kick back and relax, the White Stallion Guest Ranch in Arizona – but outside of June to September for more pleasant riding temperatures.  It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for some downtime, but still want the option to ride and it has a resort-like atmosphere - we’ve spent many an afternoon there lazing by the pool with a good book. I agree with Ruth on our all-time favourite.  The African Horseback Safari in Botswana's Okavango Delta is a really exciting fast-paced riding holiday with luxurious tented accommodation and five-star dining. A magical experience, we even had elephants camping with us for one night.


Ruth Daly, White Stallion Ranch, Arizona, Ranch Rider.jpeg


Which destination do you wish to travel to, but haven’t yet been?
Like any serious rider, we’re always planning the next horseback adventure and riding across the Serengeti, the trip timed to coincide with the famous Annual Migration, definitely appeals. Of course, there are no guarantees, but there should be plenty of other game spread across plains with zebra, Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles and impala all following the grass in the wake of the rainy season.

In your own country, what would you recommend tourists see that isn’t in the travel guides?
London is always on every tourist’s radar and people often come to the UK capital with a ready-made checklist to see Buckingham Palace, the changing of the Guard, Tower Bridge and so on. They should add North Yorkshire to that checklist, if not just for the warmth of the locals (we find London can often be the opposite). You can’t go wrong if you want to dig into British Heritage with its castles, abbeys and stately homes and, and while it would be hard to find anywhere that hasn’t been covered in a guidebook, Alnwick Poison Garden is a “homegrown” favourite spot of ours.  There’s something otherworldly and inspirational about the poison garden (home to Deadly nightshade), and who wouldn’t want to visit Alnwick Castle, the medieval fortress used as a backdrop for the Harry Potter films! That’s genuine escapism!

How do you plan your holiday?
We like to mix travel for work and pleasure so we tend to start off with a fixed destination and work our way out from there.  If we’re looking to visit somewhere new, we check out  the latest online reviews but when it comes to the heavy legwork of a long detailed trip we often use a travel agent. It saves us time and hassle (Ranch Rider and riding on the weekend keeps us busy) and they usually have access to some pretty good deals.

How often do you go away?
At least twice a year, and we tend to make the most of the Christmas break and take a longer holiday before the New Year as that’s everyone starts planning and booking their summer riding holidays.

Who do you travel with?
Each other.  We’re great travel partners and, since we share a love of horseback riding, we have to make very few compromises on travel.  We’re incredibly lucky that way.

Where do you see tourism in your country, in 10 years?
At present tourism in the UK has really taken off and Britain is apparently looking to break records this year. Obviously, a lot of that has to do with the fall out from Brexit and the weakening pound versus the US dollar, but the UK will always hold its own and continue to draw tourists who are curious about the royal family, especially the Americans. After the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, there’s certainly a stronger bond between the States and the UK.  As local and authentic travel grows in popularity, we think tourist numbers will be more evenly spread across the UK rather than focused on the capital.

Thanks both!

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About Ranch Rider
When Tony Daly headed to Arizona over 20 years ago, he never envisioned he would end up selling ranch holidays, but Tony says, “ranch life has a way of quietly seeping under your skin and each time you visit North America, it gets harder to put down the reins.”  A keen rider herself and owner of a 14.2 colour cob mare, Tony’s wife, Ruth has helped to expand the tour operator’s list of destinations outside of North America. Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and more recently Tanzania are the latest additions – cantering alongside giraffe in South Africa, tracking the Big Five on horseback in Botswana, riding across the wilds of Tanzania and Namibia (some trails inaccessible by anything other than a horse) and saddling up with the Gauchos in Argentina offering plenty of contrast when it comes to riding holidays.

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"One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress."
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Where the experts holiday: Susannah Cery, Founder of Our Tribe Travels

Susannah Cery, founder of Our Tribe Travels – an online community for families who love independent travel – shares her travel highs and lows with JAT readers


What do you like to do on holiday?
We (myself, my husband, Kelvin, and son, Alfred) love to explore a location and try and experience as much of the local culture as possible. We rarely stay in the same location for more than four days, preferring to move from place to place to get a real feel for what a country has to offer. In most instances we have a rough plan of where we want to go, but we prefer to book accommodation as we travel as this usually uncovers the more unique, under the radar local guest houses or home-stays.
Meeting the local people and getting an insight into local life is one of the biggest attractions of travelling. We love frequenting the eateries, shopping areas and local hubs that are away from the main tourist hot spots.


Where did you last go?
Our last family adventure was a 13 day trip to the Yucatan Peninsular. We flew into Cancun and spent one night in a £30 a night Airbnb before hiring a car and exploring. We spent four nights on Holbox, one night in Chichen Itza, three nights just outside Tulum and four nights on the beach front on the outskirts of Mahahual. We covered over 1,500 miles and had an amazing holiday with a combination of historic sights, beautiful beaches and adventure in the form of swimming in open cenotes, cave swimming and zip lining. One thing I’m passionate about is helping families to travel on a budget. Our car hire and accommodation costs for the 13 days totalled £880 and this was during their peak Christmas period. I want to encourage families to explore more and spend less.

Canoe, Thailand.jpg


Do you know where you’re going this year?
We are heading to Palma, Majorca for a few days in the summer. We’ll be eating a lot of tapas and we’re taking the Lemon Tree Train up to Soller. We’ve been throwing a few ideas around for the latter part of the year. The two front runners are a two week trip to Tanzania; flying into Dar Es Salam, booking a 3 day safari, taking the local ferry over to Zanzibar to spend a few days in Stone Town and then on to the beaches. The other option is two week break to Thailand to re-live some of the fun that we had when we backpacked around the country back in 2011.

Of all the places you’ve been to, which was your favourite and why?
Trekking in Nepal is definitely one of our family travel highlights. Trekking wasn’t something we felt we could do with a toddler in tow, but with a bit of research we realised that it is indeed feasible and when kids are between the age of three and seven, it’s a really easy age to facilitate. We chose to Trek the Poon Hill route, which is a five day route in the Annapurna range with spectacular Himalayan views. Our son, who was three at the time, sat in a traditional basket carrier called a Doko. He absolutely loved relaxing in his comfortable seat as we climbed up through the mountains. We visited in early January during the coldest period, when temperatures drop to minus seven degrees celsius at night. Our basic accommodation was unheated with very few amenities, so we felt a sense of achievement when we retuned to Pokhara. This trip proved to us that even an adventurous style of travel is feasible with kids. You just need to approach it with a positive attitude and accept that you need to slow down and will find some logistical aspects more challenging.

1. bromo sunrise, Java, Indonesia.JPG


Which destination do you wish to travel to, but haven’t yet been?
This is such a difficult question as there are so many on my list. We are hoping to spend a few months backpacking around South America and Colombia is on the top of my list for places  to explore as a family. The country has changed so much in the last decade, but it’s becoming more popular so we would like to explore it before it becomes too mainstream as a holiday destination. Many of the Our Tribe Travels community members have backpacked around Colombia, and their feedback is really positive.

In your own country, what would you recommend tourists see that isn’t in the travel guides?
If you love hiking and being outdoors then you can’t beat a trip to Shropshire. It’s the area that I grew up in and it’s stunning. Head to Church Stretton, a small market town which is surrounded by beautiful scenery and great walking trails. There are walks to suit all levels of walkers and you can plan your day to stop off at one of the many country pubs en route. Carding mill Valley, at the base of the Long Myndd, is a great day out with kids. Take a picnic and enjoy the low-level walking, paddle in the stream, or follow one of the many sheep paths up the hillside.



How do you plan your holiday?
We are independent travellers and prefer to book everything ourselves. It gives us the freedom to select the best value elements and as we always try and travel using the local transport options, we usually book this when we arrive in our destination.
Historically my husband and I had always referred to guide books to plan our trips and used Trip Advisor to find accommodation options, but as Trip Advisor has become more mass market we’ve found it harder to locate recommendations from like minded travellers. We now use the experiences and knowledge in the Our Tribe Travelsgroup to plan our trips and this was one of the reasons I initially launched the OTT Facebook community. Members ask questions and receive advice and recommendations directly from other family travellers. Not only is the advice current, but it’s comforting to know that our adventurous travel style and expectations are similar.

How often do you go away?
We ALWAYS travel on a budget, so it does mean that we can travel more frequently than the average family. We usually go away at least three times a year, but slot in a lot of UK camping adventures in-between.
As we are very value driven, we tend to have a short list of places that we would like to go to so that we have flexibility in trying to secure the best flight prices. If you become fixated on a particular destination it’s disappointing when you can’t find a good airfare. I recommend that you have 5-10 places on your ‘travel list’ so that you can take advantage of deals or error fares.



Who do you travel with?
My husband and seven year old son, Alf. My son has been travelling in an adventurous way since he was seven months old so he’s a seasoned backpacker. He’s backpacked around 28 countries to date, so he’s seen a lot in his short life. I believe that travel is the best education. It helps develop culturally sensitive, open minded and adaptable kids.

Where do you see tourism in your country, in 10 years?
With Brexit on the horizon it’s hard to predict what impact this will have on tourism. I guess we’ll have to see.


Thanks Susannah!
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