Retail or e-tail?

The growth of internet shopping is nothing new and no doubt most of us will have made an online purchase at some stage; be it a book, CD, DVD or a selection from Sainsbury’s. However more and more of us are achieving a 'fashion fix' through online means and consumers are now buying items online that they would normally want to see first – such as clothing.

That said, I still remain immune to the charms of buying my wardrobe staples online. While my flat mate happily orders off the internet, to date I’m still an “internet virgin.”  In my mind, e-tail is for those who detest shopping; not a category I fit easily into…I adore shopping; it seems to make any stress slip away. There is nothing better than retail therapy. Online purchases are delivered by a grumpy faced man. When you’re in a shop, assistants smile as they share your shopping experience. The clothes come beautifully wrapped in delectable card bags that can’t be thrown away. Buying something that comes in a beautiful bag may involve the extra effort of ‘hitting the high street’ but surely it’s worth it?

The bag reminds you of that special shopping moment and can last for weeks, months – even years. The bag bears testimony to the thrill of the purchase and explains why I will spend substantially more on an outfit at John Lewis or House of Fraser than on ASOS.

E-tail over retail? Not for this writer.