One to watch: Drifters

The Inbetweeners meets Girls By Kaye Holland

Missing The Inbetweeners? Yup we're missing the lads too. Happily for fans of the hapless teenagers, there’s another Inbetweeners movie in the works. In the meantime, if you’re looking to fill that Inbetweeners shaped hole in your heart, may we suggest Drifters?


Having seen a screening of the sitcom last night, I can confirm that Drifters is crude, rude and genuinely very funny.

Written by and starring Jessica Knappett - who played  Neil’s love interest Lisa in the Inbetweeners movie - Drifters follows the lives of three best friends living in Leeds. Meg (Knappett), her eccentric cousin Bunny (Lydia Rose Bewley) and their friend Laura (Lauren O’Rourke) are a year out of uni and struggling to find a job that doesn't suck, a place to live that is half decent and a boyfriend they actually like.

From demeaning promotions jobs complete with mad outfits (well, have you ever dressed as a mobile phone to pay the rent?) to pursuing the men of their dreams - yet dating the men of their nightmares - the girls face #FML-worthy disasters in both their work and personal lives.

So not so much The Inbetweeners as a British version of Girls (Lena Dunham’s Emmy award winning comedy about a close group of twenty-something girls living in the Big Apple).

Shooting Stars comedian Bob Mortimer and Arabella Weir play Meg’s parents and Nick Mohammed is the girls’ insufferable jobs-worth boss Malcolm.

Produced by Bwark Productions – the company behind E4's multi-award winning series and film, The Inbetweeners – Drifters has hit written all over it. Watch this clip and then tell us we're wrong….

Drifters debuts on E4 at 9pm on 31st October