Eight great reasons to love winter

The clocks go back today signalling the end of British Summer Time, grrrr! But it’s not all bad news… Here are eight great reasons why we love winter by KAYE HOLLAND

Extra Zzzzzs
We gain an extra hour this Sunday – result! What you do with that extra hour is up-to you, but we’ll be spending ours sleeping…

Carbohydrates can become part of your diet again
In summer, we’re all stuck eating salads (aka rabbit food) because our bodies are permanently on display. In winter, we can hide our wobbly bits under a big coat meaning we can eat pies and drink pints like civilised people. Cheers to that.

Winter fashion
Gloved hands up if you prefer your winter wardrobe to your summer one? That’s all of us then.  In summer, men wear socks with sandals while women wear crop tops (best avoided if you’re over the age of 20). In winter we dress like grown ups - think boots and biker jackets - and look much better for it.

Football fever
Here at Student365 we’re football crazy, we’re football mad. And winter is football season. We love football for the heart pounding action, the pre and post match banter - and the chance that our team might be crowned champions. There’s only so much of summer sports - such as swimming and tennis - that we can take…

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you "Be of good cheer", it's the most wonderful time of the year.” So sang Andy Williams in the popular Christmas song. And for good reason: nothing is more magical than Christmas. Enough said.

Top TV
Yes there’s stuff on the box 365 days of the year, but not all shows are created equally. Our message? Summer shows are shite but winter ones rock. Take a bow: TOWIE, True Blood, The X Factor, Made in Chelsea and Homeland - all shows we can binge watch for hours on end. And don’t miss Drifters – a new E4 show that’s sure to fill that Inbetweeners shaped hole in your heart.

Fab films
Similarly the films that hit the silver screen in the fall are far superior to summer’s boring blockbusters - mainly because they’re about people and not robots. Ones to watch include The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (out 11 Nov) and Don Jon (out 15 Nov).

Let it snow
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Snow is super: it makes our  landscape look like a Christmas card and causes society to shut down.  Translation? We all get a day off to make snowmen, indulge in a snowball fight and drink mugs of steamy, creamy hot chocolate. Huzzah!