On the water

A beach break can offer a wealth of fun water activities to help keep you cool. KH rounds up three of the best…   


If water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and co all sound a tad too passé, may I suggest wakeboarding? You might well ask: “What is wakeboarding”? The answer is that this relatively new sport (originally called ‘skurfing’) is probably best described as combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. Now focus: once in the water with the wakeboard (not dissimilar to a snowboard) strapped to your feet, hold onto the rope handle (that’s attached to the motorboat) with straight arms between bent legs and let the boat’s movement pull you up out of the water to a standing position before surfing the waves – or riding the wake if you want to get technical about it. Don’t expect to be pulling off stunts such as tantrumming, blind judging and whirly birding straight away but stick with it: wakeboarding is fantastic fun.



However in order to ensure full holiday bragging rights, be sure to give kiteboarding – the latest extreme sport to hit the shores – a go. Confused as to what kiteboarding actually is? Let me enlighten you… Kite boarding is a combination of a water based board plus a kite, to catch the breeze and send you skimming across the surface of the water. Sounds simple, right? It’s anything but. Nonetheless don’t be deterred for even if kiteboarding isn’t exactly easy, it is enjoyable not to mention energetic – making it a great way to work off all those cocktails you’ve consumed.


Dive right in

Wrap up your holiday by getting really wet.  As enjoyable as activities above the water are what lies beneath can be even more thrilling. If you have never dived before and would prefer to test the water before committing yourself (and your wallet) to a full diving course, a short course such as Discover Scuba is probably your best option and will give you a taste of the underwater world. All equipment is provided and a dive guide is on hand to ensure your safety and gently introduce you to a whole new world. If children are in tow there are two courses designed for budding water babies – the PADI Bubble maker and the PADI Seal Team.


So you’ve surfed, glided and dived …. now comes the easy bit: booking your air ticket.