Keeping up with Kendall

Kendall is our favourite Kardashian clan member.  Kaye Holland reveals why...

She’s stepping out with Harry Styles
Kendall’s younger sister, Kylie, is no slouch in the romance department – she’s dating Jaden Smith, son of Will. But Kendall is rumoured to have gone one better and  bagged the world’s hottest boy band bachelor - aka Harry Styles. Kendall and Harry (Karry? Hendall? Kenry?) have been spotted out together on several occasions over the last few weeks and it’s causing quite a stir!

She’s refreshingly modest
Half sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney may be all about the bling – be it big parties, big hair and big jewellery (Kim’s engagement ring from Kanye consists of a 15 carat flawless cushion cut diamond that cost a cool US$ 3 million). But our girl Kendall shies away from excess: she asked guests attending her sweet 16 birthday bash not to buy her presents, but instead to donate toys to a children’s hospital. Bless.

Style savvy
She’s a fashion force to be reckoned with. While her half sisters’ outfits are sometimes more miss than hit - Kourtney and her penchant for turbans, anyone? - Kendall (and Kylie) never put a foot wrong. Headed to America? Check out Kendall and Kylie’s awesome accessory line, Metal Haven, at Nordstrom, and their Autumn-Winter Collection for PacSun. Expect ankle boots, funky faux leather trousers and graphic tank tops at prices that even those of us who aren’t Kardashians can afford. Huzzah. Easy on the eye The 18 year old has a glamorous set of half sisters in Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and a gorgeous younger sibling in Kylie, but we think that Kendall – with her dark hair, doe eyes and never ending legs - is the prettiest of them all. It seems as though the fashion world agrees: Kendall signed a new modelling contract with The Society Management (a New York based branch of Elite World) earlier this month. “She won the genetic lottery,” says fashion photographer Russell James.

She’s not a Kardashian
Technically Kendall isn’t even a Kardashian. The young star is the eldest daughter of Kardashian matriarch, Kris (what is this family’s obsession with the letter ‘K’?) and her second husband, Bruce Jenner, who became a 70s sports icon after winning the gold medal for decathlon in the 1976 Olympics. Through Bruce, Kendall also has three older half-brothers. Take a bow Burton, Brandon and Brody (older readers will remember him from The Hills).

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