Boxing clever

Student life sorted... Wherever you’re studying next year – be it London, Leeds or Liverpool – one thing is certain: you’re going to have to cook for, clean up and look after yourself.

three cardboard boxes #2

Sounds straight forward but fending for yourself isn’t always easy - especially if you can’t face schlepping back and forth to the supermarket to stock up on essentials.

Which is why we love Box of Care - a brilliant box full of everyday essentials worth upwards of £45 that will be delivered to your door for just £29.50. One word: result.

There’s two boxes to choose from - one for the girls and one for the guys. Student365’ plumped for the former (girls outnumber boys in our office) which was fabulous and full of useful stuff we didn’t even realise we needed (Kelloggs cereal variety packs, pens and pocket tissues).

Bathroom needs are taken care of with the inclusion of toothpaste, quilted toilet rolls, deodorant (you don’t want to frighten off potential amours), mouthwash and more. Pleasingly all of the items are branded ones meaning that Box of Care is big on quality as well as quantity.

Moving onto kitchen items, there’s the aforementioned Kelloggs cereal variety packs to tuck into - including Student365‘s guilty pleasure, Coco Pops - and a jar of instant coffee (essential when pulling those all nighters). Plus all the cleaning clear you’ll need - think Persil washing up liquid - to make unwashed dishes a thing of the past.

Should Freshers flu strike (and let’s face it if you plan on partying hard, it will), there’s an array of items to help nurse you back to health from Paracetamol and Boots multivitamins tablets to a full first aid kit complete with plasters, gauze dressing et al.


Bottom line? Box of Care is a student essential if ever there was one and, unlike many of the friends you’ll make and meet on arrival at uni, won’t dessert you once Freshers Week has wound up. (We reckon Box of Care should easily see you through the first few months of uni life).

It’s the perfect gift for anyone about to leave school and start uni - or maybe just for you. For while giving is good, so too is receiving...