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“Despite fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates post Brexit, 2017 golf holiday bookingsto EU destinations are significantly ahead of this time last year suggesting golfers are resilient to the forecasts of financial Armageddon. Having said this, Driveline is also seeing increased demand for all inclusive options, brought about by a weak pound.”
Paul Cowgill, Director, Driveline Golf

“We have seen an increase in the volume of golfers travelling to luxury resorts across Portugal and Spain, moving away from Turkey and North Africa. Client feedback shows that golfers are demanding higher service levels both on and off the courses -and the resorts which offer this are busier than ever with.”
Edward Terre General Manager, Supertravel Golf Holidays

“Despite the value of the pound dropping significantly since Brexit, this hasn’t deterred golfers booking trips for 2017. Popular destinations such as Vilamoura [Portugal] and Benalmadena [Spain] are thriving and there are still bargains to be had.”
 Robert Stinson, Partner, Golf Tours International

“Golf tourism to Turkey has tailed off - owing to the ongoing political uncertainty - but this means that, for those undeterred from visiting, the course conditions are better than ever.
However for the most part, golf travellers are heading back to Spain and Portugal - two destinations which are safe, affordable and, crucially, close to home. In these troubling times, people don’t want to travel too far.”
Steve Nicholson, Business Development Manager, Bilyana Golf Holidays

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“Golf travellers are shying away from troubled destinations such as Turkey and North Africa and it’s Portugal that is proving to be the major beneficiary of this change. Portugal’s popularity is partly due to its gorgeous, great value courses but also because, beyond the fairways, the country offers great beaches, weather and nightlife.”
Harley Mills, UK customer service specialist,

“Golf tourism is growing again and we anticipate that our business will continue to increase, despite the disappointment of Brexit.

"We have seen an increase in travellers to Portugal due to unstable conditions in eastern Europe and Turkey while Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland and France continue to have the majority of exclusive products with repeat bookers.”
Matthew Roberts, Sales specialist, Your Golf Travel

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