Villa living

Take the vibe and facilities of a luxury hotel, add even more space, privacy, flexibility and that imitable feeling of being at home (albeit an unspeakably glamorous one) and you have a villa.

Still scratching your head as to whether to check into a hotel room or opt for a villa? Don’t. Here Best in Travel extols the virtues of villa living…


Ultimate privacy
Villas offer a space of your own where you can live the life that you want -– whether that means playing your music at midnight or basking in the sun in your birthday suit – without worrying about upsetting the guests next door.

Live like a VIP
Hotel villa guests are truly treated like VIPs. Anyone staying in a villa can look forward to complimentary airport transfers and to being checked in by their own private concierge.

A personalised experience
What makes staying in a villa sublimely satisfying is that you get to dictate the pace and mood. Breakfast at midday? No problem. A private chef can prepare a spread fit for a king, in your villa kitchen.
When you stay in a villa, there is no itinerary. Any given day is purely spontaneous.

Feels like home
Let’s face facts: even five star hotel rooms are little more than somewhere to sleep and have a shower at the end of the day. Not so with a villa where, chances are, you’ll want to hole up for a large chunk of your holiday.  You can choose as many rooms as you like – ideal if you are holidaying in a group – whose interiors are filled with bespoke furniture.

Pool party
Stay in traditional hotel accommodation and you can be pretty sure you’re going to have to share the pool with the other guests, even if you get up at 6am (and who wants to do that when on their hols?) The same applies for the gym, sauna, steam room… you get the gist. Book a villa and you’ll have all of the aforementioned to yourself.

Family friendly
Travelling with children isn’t exactly a walk in the park but you can make it more manageable by renting a hotel villa – most of which boast their own private gardens, for ankle biters to play in.

Location, location, location
Hotel villas are located in prime spots and usually abut the beach, the ocean or lakes providing sweeping panoramic views. You’ll want to ready your Instagram filter…

A helping hand
If you really want to unwind you’re in luck, for many hotel villas come with their own private butler ready to attend and cater to your every whim.
Private butlers will unpack your luggage, press your clothes ahead of your dinner reservation and help secure theatre tickets and spa appointments. Bottom line? Private butlers can make you feel truly cosseted.