Discover Peru

Introducing Best In Travel’s guide to planning the perfect holiday in Peru

Which destination are at the top of your bucket list? We’re willing to bet Peru – home to the extraordinary Inca ruins high in the Andes at Machu Picchu, Chan Chan (aka the largest pre-Columbian ruins in all the Americas) and the Nazca desert – is up there.

Of course a trip to a special place such as Peru needs careful planning. After all, there’s a good chance you will get there only once in your lifetime and you will want to make sure you get the best possible experience,

So what you need is the best possible advice: insights and guidance from an expert who knows the destination inside out, who can pick the best places to stay and to eat – one that suits you, not the travel company. Someone who can advise you on the best time of year to go.

That’s why Best in Travel has published a Peru issue, planned by our expert writers, to give you all the information you need to go ahead…