Tianjin guide: Introduction


Get out of  here! Go on, escape. Shoo. Skedaddle. Telling your readers to go away isn’t an editorial policy that you’ll find advocated by many magazines, but that is exactly whatTime Out is telling you to do here. Of  course we’re confdent that you will come back (for one thing you won’t want to miss next month’s Time Out Beijing) but a change of  scene does wonders when it comes to re-energising body and soul.


Tianjin is Time Out’s ticket to ride. An exhilarating clash of  the ancient and the modern, the city has come a long way in the last five years, developing a scene for everyone. For the urbanite, there’s modern architecture, hip hotels, top-notch dining and chic bars. Yet,
while much of  Tianjin (like its big brother, Beijing) resounds to the frenzy of  construction, there are plenty of  corners that echo the past – just wander through Wudadao’s concession era architecture for starters.

Outdoorsy types aren’t neglected either; regardless of  whether you want to hike the Huangya Pass of  the Great Wall, take five in the Tianjin Tropical Botanical Gardens or swing a golf  club (Tianjin has 15 great golf  courses), it’s all there for the taking.
Even better, Tianjin is only a 30-minute train ride away from China’s capital – you’ll be there before you’ve fnished fipping through this guide. Nonetheless, it would be silly, just plain silly, to visit without staying at least one night there. Two would be ideal. Three?
The icing on the cake.


And now is the time to go… statistics show that Tianjin has already received 823,000 overseas tourists and 46 million domestic tourists in 2010. With a glut of  new hotels and museums set to open, it’s only going to get busier. Let Time Out be your map: visit now before word gets out that Tianjin is open for business.