Talk of the Town

In August 2014, I co-founded  Talk of the Town - an award-winning dynamic London walking tour company that aims to provide the inside track on the London scene, for locals and visitors alike.

Our team consists of veteran tour guides, Time Out journalists, actors and life long Londoners so we know where the buzz is coming from and we want to share our love of London with YOU.

Why? Because we don’t want you to waste a minute of your time in Europe’s most exciting metropolis lost in Leicester Square or chowing down in the chain gang (here’s looking at you Pizza Express, Wagamama et al). Not when ‘real’ London is ready and waiting to be discovered...

We believe that the only way to truly get to grips with the colourful, cosmopolitan capital is by interacting with locals whose life is spent living the city. Try one of our tours - which can be scheduled to suit different palates (tell us what you like and we’ll tell you what you will love...), pockets, schedules and group size - and then tell us we’re wrong!