I am a professional tutor with over 10 years of teaching experience, at all levels from 7+ to A-level. My specialist subject is English Language and English literature but I also teach Journalism and Theatre Studies, as well English as a Foreign Language (EFL). I take pride in my high success rate preparing students for exams (11+ entrance exam, GCSE and A Level). Having been very uninspired by certain aspects of education as a child, I understand the importance of teaching in a fun and engaging manner to harness a pupil’s full potential. 


Private tutoring
I have a decade's worth of experience of teaching pupils at regular intervals throughout their GCSE and A-Level courses. I endeavour to target specific weaknesses in both knowledge and understanding of topics, and improve the techniques that enable students to reach higher grade boundaries. At the end of a course of lessons, pupils are able to enter the examination knowing exactly what the examiner is looking for - and how to best demonstrate their abilities within the constraints of the timed examination. 

Student testimonials
I have great news to share with you: I got a B in English Language. I am absoultely over the moon with my result. I wanted to thank you so much for all your help achieving my grade." Olivia McAndrew, GCSE English student

Skype tuition 
Tuition of students via Skype (a free internet call). The advantage for the student is that they can learn from anywhere in the world at a time of their choosing. Students also save money (transport costs are eliminated) and time (as there is no travelling to and from lessons, involved.) The lessons themselves are conducted via face to face conversations, with worksheets shared via an instant messaging window on Skype.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
English is the official language of more territories (81 in total) than any other language. Translation? Anyone thinking of moving or travelling to an English speaking country will want to have a good grasp of English, so they can integrate themselves easily. Learning English can also help advance students’ careers, being both an internationally accepted language and the language of business. Having taught English as a Foreign Language in Asia, the Middle East, Caribbean and South America to students ranging from 6-60, I can help improve your grammar, speech, vocabulary and pronunciation at your own pace. After just 15 language lessons, you’ll be able to get around in any English–speaking country comfortably – and without embarrassment! 

CVs and covering letters
Your CV and covering letter is your chance to sell your skills and experience and show potential employers that you are the right person for the job. Don't panic if your CV and covering letters aren't up-to scratch! With my help, you'll soon have a professional CV and covering letter that are ready to be sent out and get you interviews. Having worked in many sectors around the world, I will consult with you to create a high impact document that will showcase your education, accomplishments, leadership skills and motivation, creating a first class CV that fully showcases your talents.